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Back in my car

This time it's much colder and i forgot about the non reclining seats..

I am hungry , i am cold

How did i end up here again

Rego runs out soon.. pffft then no car even

I dunno why life is so fucked .. but i never get a break .. never have .. try to keep an open mind.. but nothing changes

I dunno why i am writing this..

Stuck at robina and put a coin in a internet booth.. have no one to write to.. no one who writes me.. nothing to do.. just count down the next 41 mins left of it i have

Some ppl where just not meant to be born.. 

Its weird seeing ppl in nice clothes and happy faces and babies.. Knowing they have a warm place to go back to. knowing they have ppl that give a fuck.. And i mean really give a fuck.. not oh yeah i was worried about u and are .. but hey i wont contact u.. but maybe i will once then presume everything is ok again..

I made my grave i am gunna lie in it

Gunna go sit in the sun and have a conco wth Ale.. look up at the old austar sign and ask why we could not have traded places.. u wanted to live.. i never did.. how is that fair?    


I Miss you

I have no words still.. Well there are words.. but i choke up.. Not ready yet..

Not ready to say goodbye to you

Rest In peace


Everything is getting worse and worse 

I can't even laugh about it like i sometimes did 

I don't even want to hang on anymore

im tired of pretending to care if i live or die 


I am not cut out for this life 

When everything should be going great.. and by the book it is.. I still fall down.. I think i will always be depressed and fucked up. I just want to die .. I am so not made for this life and i want fucking out.. right now.. I don't feel any emotions anymore.. none.. not love.. nothing. i feel numb and just dead inside.. and it is not going away.. 

I give up 


I hate fucking life

Who asked to be born anyway


fuck the world


also.. again they make her tits bigger.. r u fucking kidding me! 

fuck this fucking world for real .. small breasts are sexy like all breasts are.. god damn it I'm sick of this world!!!



Mum dies donating kidney to daughter

09:30 AEST Tue Jun 23 2009
5 hours 3 minutes ago
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A Melbourne woman whose life was saved by a kidney transplant is mourning the sudden death of the donor — her mother.

Penny Halbish became only the second person in Australia to die as a result of kidney transplant surgery after pledging the organ to her daughter Suzanne.

The Herald-Sun says Mrs Halbish's widower Graham — a former chief executive of Cricket Australia — is at the family home comforting his daughter as she recovers.

Son Phil Halbish said his mother was "strong, fit and healthy" and described her death as a freak occurrence.

"Her heart was strong, her blood pressure was strong but unfortunately she developed a clot because she had surgery, which caused a heart attack and she passed away," he was quoted by the newspaper as saying.

He added that his sister's recovery is ahead of schedule but "she is shattered her mum is gone".

There have been 3931 kidney transplants in Australia since 1966 and the only other death occurred in 2006.

Mrs Halbish's mother died of surgical complications at the age of 52.

Monash Medical Centre has referred the death to the coroner and is conducting an internal investigation.